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Sucrose Acetate Iso-butyrate (SAIB-100)

[ Product name ] Sucrose acetate isobutyrate (SAIB)
[ English name ] Sucrose acetate isobutyrate (SAIB)
[ Legal Numbers ] GB12493-90(10.014);INS444;CAS:34482-63-8;CAS:126-13-6;CAS:137204-24-1;CAS:27216-37-1
[ Structural Formula ] 

[ Appearance ] Colorless to light yellow clear no precipitation liquid. Mild smell.Insoluble in water. Soluble in most organic solvents.
[ Molecular Formula ] C40H62O19
[ Molecular Weight ] 846.90
[ Boiling point ] 288°C
[ Relative density(d) ] 1.141---1.151
[ Refractive index(n) ] 1.4492---1.4504
[ Flash point ] 226.5°C
[ Burning point ] 399°C
[ Quality index ]

Quality indicators


 Colorless to light yellow clear liquid

 Content   %


 Acid value  mgKOH/g

 ≤ 0.2

 Saponification value


 Refractive index (nD40 )


 Glycerol triacetate

 ≤ 0.1

 Lead (Pb) mg/kg

 ≤ 2


 50KG, 200KG steel drum


It is used primarily in citrus beverages as a weighting agent or flavor emulsion stabilizer to prevent separation of essential citrus oils, Beverage emulsions-weighting agent, Color cosmetics/skin care, Flavorings, Fragrance fixative, Hair care, Coatings, Hot-melt coatings, Lacquers, Printing Inks, Wire and Cable.

Quality indicators

Sucrose acetate isobutyrate isobutyrate is short for SAIB, It is a kind of high purity liquid fatty acid sucrose ester. Pure SAIB for high viscosity transparent liquid, color light. SAIB is through food grade sucrose and acetic anhydride and isobutyric anhydride for esterification and produced sugar derivatives, all possible combination form of a mixture of esters, which the ratio of vinyl acetate and isobutyric acid ester is about 2:6, therefore call two acetic acid six isobutyric acid sucrose ester. It has good emulsification, dispersion and adhesion, is widely used in food, paper, chemical and other industrial sectors.Product Description:

SAIB is a low color(less than 1, Gardiner's color), no taste, no smell, good thermal stability of viscous liquid. Because it has a high proportion, neutral smell, taste, color and soluble in oil flavor characteristics, so the current in the world have more than 70 countries as edible essence of increasing weight of the agent used in food additives. It can be added to the citrus beverages and other needs of the emulsion stability of turbid beverages.

SAIB is commonly used as a food flavoring materials, such as stabilizer, weighting agent; non alcohol beverage clouding agent, prevent the emergence of a drink "phenomenon", the phenomenon of EC precipitation and a separate phenomenon; SAIB lipid characteristics can be used to adjust the oil phase density, SAIB can be as a weighting agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, suitable for emulsion flavor.

SAIB due to the low volatility, not easy to hydrolysis and discoloration, non-toxic, so it has been used for many years in carbonated and non carbonated drinks, as a density regulator or weight regulator. Due to the neutral flavor of SAIB itself, it does not affect the flavor of the beverage. SAIB also has a good oxidation stability and low heat, the heat value of 400 calories / 100 grams.

Due to the excellent physical and chemical properties of SAIB, it is widely used in industry:

The refractive index of SAIB is close to that of cellulose, so it can improve the stability of paper to heat and light, and can be used to make transparent paper.

SAIB has A, low volatility, can produce a higher solid content; B, light color; C, with the polymer resin, oil and wax has better compatibility and other advantages, it is widely used in paint and printing ink.

SAIB have particularly high resistivity, good electrical performance, with good thermal stability, it can make electrical surface coating and electrical insulation, so often as a performance superior plasticizing agent is widely used in wire and cable industry.

SAIB is also used in cosmetics, skin care products, spices, spices, fixed agent, flame retardant, film manufacturing, textile processing and polymer cross-linking agents, adhesives and pharmaceutical industries in the drug control release agent.




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