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SAIB 90% ethanol 10% SAIB 90-ET


Beverage emulsions weighting agent, Color cos metics/Skin care, Fragrance fixative.

Product Description:

SAIB ET-10 Food Grade, Kosher (surcrose acetate isobutyrate/ethyl alcohol) is a low-viscosity blend of Food Grade SAIB and about 10% ethanol, primarily used as a weighting agent in beverages. The low viscosity of SAIB-ET10 Food Grade provides a pourable liquid that can be added directly to flavoring oil without heating. The concentration of SAIB ET-10 in the beverage emulsion is typically 5%-10%, diluted to give a SAIB concentration of 300ppm or less in the finished beverage. In addition to its use in beverages, SAIB ET-10 can be used as a fixative in perfumes and fragrance preparations.

Quality indicators:

Appearance Colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Content % 89-91
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.2
Viscosity @25°C, cP 500-900
Density g/cm3 @20°C 1.1
Color(Pt-Co), Max ≤200


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